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Challenging defeat! 

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By: Kogi Naidoo / January 29, 2024

Challenging defeat! 

“Being defeated is often a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes it permanent.”

Marilyn vos Savant

I am always busy, trying new things, doing things that are challenging. It’s what keeps me engaged, motivated and enthusiastic. I am often thinking what next? It is what makes life interesting and exciting. Setting myself challenges and competing against my previous triumphs is always stimulating. I am therefore never bored. How about you? Do you enjoy taking on challenges? How do you handle defeat? Do you give up or keep trying? What is your threshold before you give up? 

I am not a good loser. I like playing, fairly and by the rules. I am therefore not charmed when I am played for a fool. I am equally distressed when the rules change or the goal posts shift. I feel that I need to be given the chance to choose how I want to play, do I want to take a chance, do I want to use my previous, banked experience, or do I just lie down and allow others to walk all over me, yet again? I am keen on transparency and fairness. Without this, the challenge gets more difficult and there is much that happens in a cloak and dagger manner. Most frustrating! 

I consciously hone my strategies to ensure that I am on top of my game, always. I am always researching and reviewing my practice, as well as looking for new ways of thinking and working. In this way I am prepared for new challenges. I am fine for as long as there is fair play. Having said that my prior experience of winning and failing helps me keep focused and engaged. I see the challenge and resist seeing the barriers that are put up. Sometimes, the defeat isn’t about me, but how the game was played from the outset. Being discerning and discriminatory are keys to being on top of one’s game. 

This is what I think about when I am being challenged. I focus on winning, the feelings that will go with winning, the reward I will give myself when I beat the challenge. Losing is never an option. I try, try and try again. Each time I am defeated, I carefully consider the reasons why, what my efforts were, the strategies I used, carefully reconceptualising my next attempt. In doing this I am able to attempt new, improved strategies, thereby increasing my chances to get it right the next time I try. I have learned that I must learn from previous failed attempts. In this way, I do not make the same mistakes. I am also able to apply subtle changes thereby, correcting for near misses, and strategizing for my next attempt. Giving up is never an option for me. How about for you? 

Until my next challenge, attempt, and triumph! 

Give it a go! 

With infinite love and gratitude 


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