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Coaching with Kogi

“Dr Kogi Naidoo, certified relationships and self-leadership life coach, is a devoted mother, wife, author of Working Women: Stories of Struggle, Strife and Success (2010) and Live, Learn, Love: The Path to Your Prowess is the great-granddaughter of indentured farm labourers in South Africa. As gold medal-winner, academic, teacher, and speaker, she’s inspired thousands of successful teachers, women and students in their careers, relationships and lives over three decades.”

Live, Learn, Love is a proven formula for success, happiness, loving relationships and stress-free living, when practised will result in a peaceful, loving and more collaborative world culture, one person at a time.


I believe that women academics face several challenges, like managing work-life balance exacerbated by gender bias, sometimes unconscious bias and a lack of network links. Early career women, in particular, must balance the challenging demands of their personal and professional lives. My vision is for equal opportunities for employment and career advancement for all women.


Relationships Coaching

Strong, healthy relationships are essential for personal and professional growth. We offer guidance on building and maintaining meaningful relationships, whether in your personal life or within a team or organisation.

Career Advancement

Our career management services are designed to help you define your career goals, develop a strategic plan, and make informed decisions. We provide practical tools and insights to help you achieve success in your chosen career path.

Have you been searching for answers to some of the following questions?

Who am I?
What is my purpose?
Am I deserving?
Is my life worthwhile?
Will I experience true love?
What are my gifts and talents?
How can I make a difference?
How can I attract the best relationships in my life?
Do I have a soul mate? Finding my soul mate!

Being coached by Kogi you will:

  • Breakthrough obstacles that have held you back
  • Explore your untapped potential
  • Uncover your true essence
  • Experience bliss
  • Take your path to live on purpose
  • Acknowledge your unique greatness
  • Become your own leader