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Nothing’s impossible

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By: Kogi Naidoo / January 29, 2024

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”   

Nelson Mandela

I tend to second guess myself every time I do something new. I create the doubt and hope that it will get easier. It is a constant battle between having faith and self-belief and the task at hand. Usually I get things done, but after doing my ‘drama queen’ act. I get the attention from those around me which motivates me to keep going. Should I not make it known that I am struggling I would easily give up and no one would know. In some way, letting others know I am working on a new challenge is a way of keeping me accountable and responsible. I strive on determined to finish what I started. I remember a few challenges I gave up because no one knew I was busy doing them. It was therefore easier to give up and not finish them. 

My advice to myself these days is to keep myself challenged, motivated and accountable. I know that I do take myself seriously, especially when I have decided what it is that I want to do. When it appears like the task is insurmountable, I find that breaking it down into manageable chunks is what works for me. Small steps, small tasks, small achievements all add up resulting in progress. I remind myself that getting hung up on the enormity of the task or my capacity to do it are a waste of valuable energy that I could spend on the task itself. 

When something has been accomplished, one looks back and realises that the human spirit is such that it can do both, panic and persevere. Panic is usually the catalyst for perseverance and pulling it off. In my case it works like an adrenalin rush, creating stress to ensure that I inject effort and maintain my stamina until the task is completed. How do you respond to tasks you set yourself? How do you respond to tasks set by others that you have to complete? Are you like me who tends to respond to challenges that others set as a priority? 

I find that taking on new challenges gives me the opportunity to maintain my vitality and motivation levels up. It also makes for interesting conversations with colleagues. Soliciting feedback sometimes leads to me learning new strategies and ways of working, I otherwise would not have thought about or learned. Sharing my challenges is a way to use others around me as sounding boards to enhance my views and hone my thinking. 

Nothing is impossible is the attitude I take these days. If I have thought of something, then there must be a way. Remaining open to possibility is a mindset to overcome and achieve. I find that keeping up with challenges I face ensures I am never bored either. I am always thinking, mulling things over, occupying my mind, not with the negative thoughts of ‘It’s too hard!’ but rather ‘there must be a way!’ You may want to think this way the next time you face what you perceive as an impossible task. You will surprise yourself! 

With infinite love and gratitude 


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