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Soul Trek with Kogi

Dr Kogi Naidoo, certified relationships and self-leadership life coach, is a devoted mother, wife, author of Working Women: Stories of Struggle, Strife and Success (2010) and Live, Learn, Love: The Path to Your Prowess is the great-granddaughter of indentured farm labourers in South Africa. As gold medal-winner, academic, teacher, and speaker, she’s inspired thousands of successful teachers, women and students in their careers, relationships and lives over three decades.

Australia – In person / Online

A 1 – 3 Day Self Leader’s Journey to Unearth your Destined Greatness!

To be taken only by the confident, courageous and those seeking to live on Purpose!


Do you qualify?


Do you feel stuck, frustrated, disillusioned or let down? Do you have everything but yet feel something is missing? Or are you searching for something more in your life? If you are, are you ready to take your Soul Trek into your unknown, to places you dared not venture to before? In a secure and caring environment, allow yourself to be catapulted into your unique Soul Trek.


Have you been searching for answers to some of the following questions?


  • Who am I?
  • What is my purpose?
  • Am I deserving? Is my life worthwhile?
  • What are my gifts and talents?
  • How can I attract the best relationships in my life?
  • Do I have a soul mate? Finding my soul mate!
  • Will I experience true love?
  • How can I make a difference?

Join Kogi on reliving her experiences as a second-class citizen as a child, a young adult, wife, mother, a successful career woman. So why did she leave South Africa? Kogi gave up all hope in 2003 when she was dying, but was she? In accompanying her on Soul Trek, you will reflect on your life experiences, as you will walk in her steps 40 years later. Are you inspired and intrigued?


Embarking on the journey and inspired by the Greats, like Mandela and Gandhi, you will be personally coached and led to unleash your latent talents and find your unique greatness in your path to your prowess.


Your time is now! Grab this unique opportunity to invest 3 days of your invaluable life to find your answers and the map to attain your Soul power!


You will:


  • Breakthrough obstacles that have held you back
  • Explore your untapped potential
  • Uncover your true essence
  • Experience bliss
  • Take your path to live on purpose
  • Acknowledge your unique greatness
  • Become your own leader

Soul Trek is divinely inspired, having started eons ago. Be part of the trek now by stepping into your power, pamper yourself, feed your soul and claim your rightful place among the Greats by making a difference!


Are you ready to break through your blocks?

Are you committed to go on your Soul Trek?

Are you mentally, physically and spiritually willing to become a self-leader living on purpose?

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Soul Trek with Kogi

You will travel to inspirational destinations. You will travel to inspirational destinations, like the Taj Mahal, take Mahatma Gandhi’s last steps, visit Akshardham Temple in Delhi, and connect with your spiritual self on the banks of the Ganges in Rishikesh and the Golden Temple in Amritsar.


You can relax into your transformational experiences, not having to worry about any land arrangements during your Soul Trek. Trust in the process and surrender to your journey to amazing greatness!

Soul Trek with Kogi

Itinerary includes visiting remote villages in South India, seeking the Truth of our existence!  As in the Celestine Prophesy: All will be revealed!