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Life’s journey

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By: Kogi Naidoo / January 29, 2024

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”  


When I think of my life I see it as a very long journey, starting at the time I was born, growing from a child into a teenager, a young adult, now a middle-aged adult. It has taken a long time, going from one to the next, one week to the next, one month to the next, and from one year to the next. I had many dreams and hopes growing up. I have strived and worked consistently to realise many of them. I have come up against major obstacles which I have seen as temporary distractions and/or learning points for me. As the years passed, I have grown emotionally and spiritually. I have learned many lessons which have added to my experience. As I think about what I have learned and the accumulation of my learning I realise I have the wisdom to now, not only know who I am, but to be inspirational to others, my students, family and colleagues. 

What has helped me achieve my goals and dreams is my ability to focus and persevere against all odds. I have not looked at how big the goals have been, or what I have to overcome to achieve them. I, literally have taken one step at a time. I deliberately took this approach as I very quickly realised how easy it can be to give up by focusing on the negatives, the obstacles, the lack of resources and sheer enormity of the goals. I looked within myself to dig deep for courage and the resilience to keep going. I was also able to draw on my ability to be creative and innovative to new challenges as I progressed. This kept me engaged, energised and enthusiastic. All I can say is that if I weren’t engaged and took a keen interest in myself, no one else was going to. 

What do I think of my life now? If I were to do it all again, I would certainly do it all over again. I have had an exciting and stimulating life. How about you? How would you describe your life so far? What would you do the same and what would you do differently? Have you any regrets? What can you do today that will set you back on your path to achieve your dreams and goals?  

I know what my life’s purpose is: to inspire others to LIVE, LEARN and LOVE, to make a difference in the world and leave my legacy, that we can each achieve our purpose and make a difference in the world just through our lives.  

Do you know what your life’s purpose is? 

Can you set yourself a challenge to endeavour to clarify for yourself your purpose and work out a strategy to change how you spend your time now, to become more focused and committed to who you are and to realise your purpose, goals and dreams? 

With infinite love and gratitude 


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